Fixing a VERY Leaky Roof Part Two

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fix leaky roof In Part One of Fixing a Very Leaky Roof we told you how we had a sheet of water filling up our living room during a huge thunderstorm in May 2008. Now we'll tell you what we did to quickly fix our roof from leaking like a sieve ...

After the sun came out the next day, my husband went on the roof to find out what caused such a huge leak. He found a 6 foot long crack at the front of the house where the porch and house meet. Once found, he repaired it as best he could, then went to Home Depot to try to find something to end our leaky roof troubles.

Fortunately, he found Lanco White Seal. He decided to try it because it stated it will "seal" your roof and can be used on any surface. Plus, it is supposed to expand and contract (based on temperature), finally it is white -- which will reflect sunlight.

You can read our review of Lanco White Seal [click here].

Since we did not have a lot of money, we decided to buy a 5 gallon bucket of Lanco White Seal once a week. We began by removing the old gravel and rolling a thick coat in the worst areas of the roof. Our plan was to do small sections at a time, as money permitted.

We finally finished the whole roof in January 2010. We have had a few tiny leaks. Yet, we are able to quickly fix them. The tiny leaks appear to be forming because in a few places where we rolled, air bubbles have formed and cracked the sealant.

Since there are a few places this is occurring, we are going to try the slightly more expensive Lanco Ultra Siliconizer which is thicker. Hopefully the "thickness" of it will deter air bubbles.

Thus ends our very leaky roof problem. Using the Lanco White Seal quickly fixed our leaky roof and did not break the bank. This will allow us to save money for a the new roof we prefer -- a "Cool Roof."



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