Fluoride Filter Review – Cheap Fluoride Water Filter Install Experience

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UPDATE: Just wanted to post an update on our experience with this Fluoride Filter Review.

The first month with the fluoride filter, everything worked really well -- just a little leakage around the spout entrance. Then more leakage began occurring -- at the spout and around the seams in the body (there are two seams). It was becoming a big hassle everytime we used it. I had it sitting on a saucer, which would almost overflow. It had to be emptied (the saucer)

The final straw was during the last week we used it (thru 9/6/10), I noticed an orange color around the seams of the body. I'm not sure if is from iron in our water pipes, or if it was being caused by the filter. Plus, my skin has become very dry and my hair started falling out about a week ago (a symptom of too much iron in water) -- not good at all. Whether this is due to the flouride filter, I'm not sure. I do know when we used bottled spring water, my hair wasn't falling out for goodness sake!

All in all, we did save a bit of money by not buying bottled water for two months and a week. In addition, the filter did "pay" for itself.

But, I cannot recommend buying it to anyone because I do not know if the orange residue is from our pipes or from the filter. I am testing the water from the pipes for a few days (letting it dry in a plastic cup) to see if it leaves an orange residue.

I also talked to a company that sells fluoride filter countertop models. The CS guy said the only way to get rid of dissolved iron in water is thru a reverse osmosis filter. Personally, I do not want a reverse osmosis filter because it leaves the water far too acidic.

So, we are back to bottled water. Not thrilled, it is not the optimum choice, yet we do not have the money right now for an expensive water filter system ...



I cannot begin to tell you how happy we are with this fluoride water filter. The price was incredibly cheap, the installation took all of a minute and the water tastes wonderful!

Plus it is eco-friendly because we will no longer be buying bottled water and will be saving money within 6 weeks. That is how long it will take for this little fluoride filter to "pay" for itself.

The hardest part of the installation was getting the sealed wrap off of the filter :). Instructions did say to run water through it for at least 15 minutes (which I did). Then I filtered a glass of water and tasted it -- wonderful taste!


Below is the Description of the Fluoride Filter we just installed ...

Fluoride Multi Plus Water Filter No Cartridge Fluoride Multi Plus Water Filter No Cartridge

Countertop Disposable Single Fluoride Multi PLUS Water Filter System is dependable and built to last for years. This counter top system installs in seconds and sits on the counter top for water on demand. Quick and easy to use,stylish convenient, and effectively removes FLUORIDE and hundreds of contaminants from water. Water travels through 6 stages of filtration

Here is the cheap fluoride filter:

As I explained in the video, I personally need to drink slightly alkaline water, I used the PH Test strips to test the water after came through the fluoride filter. The PH test strip showed it to be a "7" which means it is neutral. This is not bad -- yet I would like my water to be a little more alkaline.

As I said in a post prior, water filters that raise the PH of water seem to be very expensive. A good one can cost upward to $1500 -- See below for an example of one that has high 5 star ratings and good reviews ...

Jupiter Orion Water Ionizer - Model JP109 - 5 Yr. Warranty Jupiter Orion Water Ionizer - Model JP109 - 5 Yr. Warranty
Used From: $995.00

With a great value price, super reliability, new Biostone filter, fully automated features, 9 levels of pH, strongest ORP and five year warranty, the Jupiter Orion JP109 has been the preferred choice for the USA and for such authorities as Sang Whang (author of Reverse Aging) and Dr Robert Young (author of The pH Miracle). Although now on the market for about two years, no other company has yet produced a model like the Orion, that always gives alkaline water - even when it cleans. No other company offers a Biostone filter as fine as .01M with tourmaline and no other model is as yet as reliable or powerful. With Jupiter's newest mesh-type plating technology, the Orion is one of the finest ionizers on the market today.


In addition, they sometimes are hard to install and you also have to have a special filter to remove fluoride (from what I understand).


So to raise the PH on the water, I used the following Alkaline booster drops -- they work great & I can not taste any difference in the water or coffee I put them in ...


See below for Description of Alkaline Booster Drops:

Alkazone Alkaline Booster Drops with Antioxidant, 1.25 Fluid Ounce Alkazone Alkaline Booster Drops with Antioxidant, 1.25 Fluid Ounce
Sale Price: $16.89

AlkaZone Alkaline Booster Drops with Antioxidant. Description: Balance Your pH. Reduce Acidic Wastes. Antioxidant mineral water neutralizes acidity, thus helping the body to rid itself naturally of acidic waste products and protects the cells against the effects of free radicals. Detox for Life. Disclaimer These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


I chose the above PH Booster Drops because they seemed to have the highest ratings and reviews than the others available for sale.

Below is where you can find the PH Test Strips to test the water after I add the PH Booster Drops ...



Now we are one step closer to our "green home improvement" to do list completion and the eco-friendly green home we desire!




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