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eco-friendly bamboo flooring New "Green" Flooring for our whole house is on our list of "green home improvement redos." We hope you will follow along with us as we research the many options of eco-friendly flooring.

We have about 1700 square feet of flooring in our home. This equals lots of dollars not only for the flooring itself, but also for floor preparation and then the installation (unless we do these jobs ourselves -ugh).

Our choices of eco-friendly flooring include: certified sustainable wood, bamboo, cork, natural linoleum, and recycled flooring.

Certified Sustainable Wood Flooring

There are several forest certification programs within the Forestry industry. These programs began as a way for logging companies to give back what they reap, so to speak. Yet, there really is only one forest certification program that the Natural Resources Defense Council recognizes, which is an independent Forest Stewardship Council certification.

So, if you desire "real" certified sustainable wood flooring that does not impact the environment, look for the FSC mark on the packaging.

We have been looking at this type of FSC flooring. Two websites that offer it are and Altruwood even offers "reclaimed" beams and lumber. Also, Amazon lists some of products on its website for sale.

Bamboo Flooring

Ah, beautiful bamboo flooring! My dream choice for eco-friendly flooring. Bamboo flooring is considerable a "renewable resource" because it grows so fast. There are alot of bamboo flooring companies and products available, yet you need to make sure they are properly certified as eco-friendly. Some bamboo floors can be made toxic.

Two excellent, reputable companies that offer eco-friendly bamboo flooring are and

You can find Teragreen's bamboo flooring on Amazon, below is an example ...

Cork Flooring

Cork flooring is another good choice for eco-friendly green home flooring. It can be made two different ways. It is made either from the bark of a cork oak tree or recycled withe natural cork wine stoppers. A bonus from this type of flooring is the sound reduction effect.

When buying cork flooring there are 3 things to look for:

The cork should be harvested properly so the the tree can regenerate a new bark;
That there is no formaldehyde within it;
That there is no PVC within it.

Two reputable websites have natural cork flooring available: and

Natural Linoleum

Who would have thought natural "linoleum" would be an eco-friendly flooring option. Well it is considered so. It is made from renewable raw products like linseed oil, pine rosin, wood flour and jute. One of the benefits of natural linoleum is that it hardens and becomes stronger as it ages (instead of alot of flooring that just breaks down). A few other benefits of natural linoleum it actually repels dust and dirt and is very easy to maintain. It comes in many different colors and creating designs are limitless.

You can find this type of flooring at:

In the future, we will be discussing each type of eco-friendly flooring in more detail, plus giving you our opinion of the different sources.



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