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Green Home ReDo ListWe have ALOT of home improvement and "redoing" to do on our home. Making it eco-friendly or "green" as possible is our main goal.

Our Green Home ReDo List:

1) Finish "redoing" our Roof with Lanco White Seal (roofing seal). Reflects 73% of sunrays.

2) Paint almost all the rooms with No VOC or Low VOC Wall Paint.

3) Redo all of the flooring with green flooring or eco-friendly flooring.

4) Add a water filter system -- that remove fluride, yet also is high PH.

5) Add better eco-friendly insulation where possible (we have an almost flat roof with no space between roof & ceilings in most rooms) to hold in the heat in the winter & keep the heat out in the spring, summer & fall.

6) New "green windows" that are sealed properly.

7) New doors that seal properly.

8) New Lighting -- thru skylights (we have two already -- should be easy to add more).

9) Either an on-demand tankless water heater or whole-house tankless water heater system.

10) Energy efficient appliances -- washer & dryer, stove & refrigerator -- air conditioning too (ouch!).

11) Solar Panels -- either on the roof or in the yard.

12) Wind Turbine.

Big List, huh? This will probably take many years to complete.

We hope you will follow along with us on our "Redo It Green" journey. We are going to be researching a lot of products and giving you our opinion as well as other's opinions of ALL types of eco-friendly products.

Don't hesitate to let us know what you think. And, please if you have any tips or suggestions we welcome them!




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