Green Home Restoration We Will ReDo It Green!

June 12, 2010 | By admin | Filed in: Green Home.

Green Home Restoring our with Eco Friendly productsWelcome to!

My husband and I are on a MISSION to redo our old home (circa 1956) using as much "green," "eco-friendly" and recycled materials as possible. We have ALOT to do -- and very little money.

Since we are researching just about every aspect of green homes and green home restoration, we decided to share our research here on

We will be discussing all aspects of redoing a home to become "green," like green flooring, green wall painting, green energy, green windows, and more.

So far we have painted (1) room using green "NO VOCs" wall paint and we are still working on redoing our house's roof (very slightly pitched, almost flat roof, formerly tar and gravel) with Lanco roofing white seal (10 year warranty).

We will discuss each of these projects in the next few posts.

We invite you to follow along with us in our quest for being as Green as Can be and as cheap as possible LOL.



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