Lanco White Seal Roofing Sealant Review

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Lanco White Seal Review Lanco White Seal Review will tell you what we think of this roofing sealant. We have used it to seal our VERY leaky roof.

What can we say about Lanco White Seal other than WE LOVE IT! It has saved us an enormous amount of money, it has stopped the leaks and it has a 10 year guarantee.

We did not even use it "right" and it is still working well for us.

Short Description of Lanco White Seal from the Manufacturer
Elastomeric 100% Styrene/Acrylic Silicone Coating/Sealer

Read Complete Technical Details of Lanco White Seal [click here]

A one-component thick high-performance silconized styrene/acrylic rubberized elastomeric roof and wall sealer that provides a 100% waterproof and weather- proof seal, adhering tightly to any surface. Professional grade; for use over concrete, metal, asphalt, brick and polyurethane surfaces. Ultra white finish dries to a heat-reflective film; to be used in conjunction with LANCO 1,100% Elongation gray primer.

After trying numerous sealants, we finally found Lanco White Seal. We had a very leaky OLD tar and gravel roof and did not have the money to redo it (we would prefer having a "coolroof" installed).

My husband cleared nearly all of the gravel off of the roof. Then he used sealant and other materials to fix cracks and holes. Once an area was cleared and fixed, he applied the Lanco White Seal with a paint roller.

We cleared and fixed the worst areas and applied the Lanco White Seal first. Then as money allowed, we eventually covered the whole roof with the roofing sealant.

Lanco White Seal Problems:

After reviewing the Lanco White Seal Tech Details, we found out we were not following the manufacturers directions. This is not 100% our fault, in that the jug it comes in doesn't have as much details as the tech details.

One thing we did not do is use a primer as directed in the tech details. This may be why a few leaks have sprung up since we have gotten most of the old roof covered. My husband says that sometimes when he rolls the sealant on, bubbles will appear (it is not supposed to bubble). Once it cures in these areas, small cracks appear.

Therefore, we have decided to use the slightly more expensive product -- Lanco Ultra Siliconizer that does not need a primer and also may be better for our type of weather we experience.

Once we purchase and use the Lanco Ultra Siliconizer, we will do a review and let you know how well it works.

Where to Buy Lanco White Seal

On the website, the only place to buy Lanco White Seal listed in the United States is Home Depot and Crossco, Miami, FL. It is interesting to note, it is available in many other countries like the Bahamas, Panama, El Salvado, Chili, and more.

We pay around $70 for a 5 gallon bucket at our local Home Depot.

White Roof = LOWER Electricity Costs

The energy savings have been AMAZING. Our white roof now reflects 73% sunlight and makes a big difference in how much air conditioning is required to maintain 80 degrees in our home during the very hot months.

In summary -- We LOVE the Lanco White Seal. It has saved us money on energy costs as well is giving us time to eventually save enough money to redo the roof with a "cool roof."



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