No VOC Paint or Low VOCs Paint – No Stinky Paint Allowed!

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no stinky paint allowed use no voc or low voc paint instead Is No VOC Paint or Low VOCs paint worth the added expense? We think so, find out why ...

When our daughter moved out, we needed to completely re-do her bedroom (floors and paint the walls). Yet the thought of new wall paint stinking up the whole house for days was unbearable.

I simply can not be around newly painted walls where regular paint was used. I get a massive headache as well as start wheezing.

We did not have alot of money, yet the only alternative was to use No VOC paint or Low VOCs paint. We headed to Home Depot to check out the prices. At that time, their "Freshaire" brand of colored No VOC paint was $38 a Gallon for semi-gloss. It has gone down to $33.98 at the time of this writing.

Discounts on No VOC Paint


No VOC Paint Discounts & Deals


Another No VOC Paint to use on your walls would be Organic Milk Paint

I found a somewhat good price for it at Our Green Home [Click Here] website.

Here's the Organic Milk Paint Description:

Organic milk paint is safe not only for people, but also for the environment. The ingredients in the base paint are are all completely biodegradable. Milk Paint is completely safe for:
- Anyone who has Multiple Chemical Sensitivities.
- Pregnant women.
- Use on children's furniture and toys.
- Use nursery walls.

Milk Paint is totally free of: VOC's, HAP's, Sovents, or harmful poisons. Comes in 16 colors, packaged as a powder, you add water to make a pint. Add the Milk Paint Primer for close-grained hardwoods that are not very porous. Add Clear Coat after painting to seal.

Price is $12.99 per pint or $52.00 per gallon.

Visit Our Green Home - Organic Milk Paint [Click Here]


The Home Depot No VOC paint was almost twice as much as the regular paint -- yet it decided to give it a try and bought two gallons.

It was well worth the extra expense. My husband says he has never used a wall paint that covered so well and was so easy to use. Only one coat was required in most places. Now, this was a VERY abused room, with very abused walls.

You have to also consider, cheaper paints do not cover as much with just one coat. I think we actually saved money using this paint.

There was NO odor whatsoever.

All in all, we are very happy we chose to use a No VOC wall paint. We have to paint just about all the walls in our home (which is on our Green Home Redoit List), and plan on using this paint.

A List of Low VOCs or No VOCs Paint Sources:

BuyGreen .com offer 100s of GREEN Eco Friendly products including NO VOC paint! Instead of just a handful of colors to choose from (like home depot & others), there are 48 Colors! This paint is supposed to be truly remarkable, No odor, easy cleanup. A bit pricey at $50.99 a Gallon, yet reviews say it goes on great.

Visit BuyGreen No VOC Paint [ Click Here ]


1) AFM (American Formulating and Manufacturing)

2) Benjamin Moore & Co. (Natura ® )

3) Devoe Paint

4) Home Depot - Freshaire Paint

I truly is worth it to buy and use no VOC paint when redoing your rooms with paint.



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  2. I agree with this post! It is essential to use No or Low VOC paint when redoing your interior painting.

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