Organic Foods and Organic Supplements & Medicines May Work Better

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Cleanup your body & use Organic Foods, Organic Supplements and Organic Medicines whenever possible! It may just make you feel much better and live longer! Here is why ...

Our bodies are being bombarded by toxic chemicals constantly on a daily basis. These toxic products come in the form of addititives to our foods, supplements, medicines and water, as well as the cleaning supplies used in our home and living environments, emissions from vehicles and manufacturing and more. Sometimes even wheat can be toxic and we need to eat Food Gluten Free

Alot of the toxicity we can not control, yet there are areas we can control which include the foods, supplements, medicines, water as well as cleaning supplies within our own home.

Recently I was watching the TV show "Fringe." In this particular episode the genius father "Walter" was in a grocery store (for the first time in years). He began reading the ingredients on a breakfast product and started screaming "they're trying to Kill US!" He was referring to the chemicals added to the product! It just boggles my mind the chemicals that are added to processed foods -- and we eat them adding to our toxicity!

There are a lot of illnesses nowadays that were not heard of even 30 years ago, or if so had very little incidence. Take for example Mesothelioma. It used to be a VERY Rare occurrence, even though it was identified as toxic in the early 1900s. Now it is a widely known disease coming from Asbestos Exposure.

Medical lawsuits are on the rise due to toxic environments as well as side effects experienced from well known prescription medications.

Other occurrences of diseases are on the rise including heart disease, all types of cancer, diabetes and more. Could it be from the incredible amounts of toxic chemicals we are now exposed to daily?

Why Eating Organic Foods & Using Organic Supplements Can Help Us

Logically, the best course of action to reverse the toxicity in our bodies is to lower the exposure as much as possible. Of course, we can not all live in a bubble (although some people have to!), yet we can eliminate as much toxic materials entering our bodies as possible by choosing to eat organic food, use all natural organic supplments and medicines, and use non-toxic green products as much as possible.

Even though it may seem easier to just "take a pill" then modify our diets and supplements with organic products, many times the "pill" is laced with highly toxic chemicals that may help with the current problem, yet cause a whole lot more problems.

Modifying our lifestyle to fit organic food, organic supplements like flax seed nutrition, and products into it is not as hard as it may sound. In fact it is becoming easier and easier as more 100% Organic stores open. There are dozens of organic product websites online now, with more coming soon, I'm sure.

Many times, these websites offer discounts and sales and you can save money.

In addition, a lot of national grocery chain-stores are now offering Organic food as well as organic supplements in specific "green" product sections -- sometimes even within the "regular" sections too. I am super pleased to find more and more "green" products and organic foods on the shelves. Yes, many of them cost a bit more, yet think of the value-added of NOT poisoning your body.

Here's a test for you. Try eating only organic food for a week. Notice how much better you feel. Then switch back to your regular diet, and notice if there are any changes in how you feel. Doing this simple, little test may be just what you need to understand the deadly effects of toxic ingredients in our non-organic foods alone.

Organic Food and Organic Supplement & Organic Medicinge Resources:

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