Solar Tube Skylight Green Home Improvement Project

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solar tube skylight kit cheap A solar tube skylight cost seems to be very affordable. We found several tube light kits that are under $200. In addition, installation of the skylight and tube light looks to be very easy to do -- a good diy green home improvement project for the weekend.

On our green home improvement list you will notice number Number 8 is new green lighting options, preferably solar powered skylights. While researching these options I came across several skylight tube lighting kits that just might be what we need.

The key will be talking my husband into cutting holes in the roof 😉

Skylight & Solar Tube with Dimmer Control

My first choice would be a skylight that uses solar power for backup lighting with a dimmer control. This is so I can "dim" the lights if I so choose. The dimmer control option does make the skylight tube kit more expensive.

Below is ODL EZ10ECL 10" Tube Light and Dimmer Combo Kit being offered for sale.

Tubular Skylight with Asphalt Flashing and Solar Powered Dimmer Tubular Skylight with Asphalt Flashing and Solar Powered Dimmer
Sale Price: $400.58

EZ10ECL Features: -Tubular skylight.-Brings natural light into an interior space and reduces energy costs.-Dimmer controls the amount of light brought in through the skylight.-Acrylic diffuser can be removed for easy cleaning.-LED nightlight for intermittent use and delivers up to 4 hours of soft, subtle light while the sun is down.-3-Button remote-control dimmer is easy to use.-Dimmer is solar powered and comes with 4 rechargeable batteries.-Made in the USA.-60" H x 10" W x 10" D, 12.5 lbs. Specifications: -Effectively illuminates up to 150 sq. ft. of interior space.

Simple Skylight & Solar Tube Light

Here is a Skylight Solar Tube Kit without the dimmer control -- as you can see, it is much less expensive.

ODL EZ10SCANH 10 In. Tubular Skylight with Asphalt Flashing ODL EZ10SCANH 10 In. Tubular Skylight with Asphalt Flashing
Sale Price: $169.99
Used From: $617.46

The ODL Tubular Skylight Kit offers an easy way to maximize available light by bringing bright, natural sunlight into a room. Illuminates a room up to 150 sq. ft. Energy Star qualified. U.S.A. Application: Skylight, Battery Required: No, Dimensions L x W x H (in.): 10 x 10 x 48

Backup Lighting for Dark Days and Evenings

We will also want to have some type of backup lighting. Of course we could just use lamps for the evening or dark and dreary days, yet, if we can have some type of backup it would be great. Below we found something that should work well for backup solar tube lights ...

ODL EZELK Tubular Skylight Electric Light Kit ODL EZELK Tubular Skylight Electric Light Kit
Sale Price: $37.21

EZELK Electric Light Kit for ODL Tubular Skylight; install the electric light kit into your tubular skylight and have light on demand, anytime, 24 hours a day; great for tubular skylight installations that replace an existing light fixture; easy to install, illustrated instructions included; uses a standard 50-watt reflective light bulb (not included); UL listed

Tube Light Installation and Extra Tubing

When we decide to add the tube light, we should not have too many problems since our roof is flush with the ceiling. We also should not need any extra tubing. Yet, if your home has an attic or space between the roof and ceiling, you may need extra tubing. Here is an example of this product so you can see the price.

ODL EZ10T20 10 ODL EZ10T20 10"x20" Tubular Skylight Extension Tube
List Price: $30.00
Sale Price: $21.16

EZ10T20 Features: -Extension tube.-Extends skylight tube up to 144.-Highly reflective for excellent lighting.-Made in the USA. Includes: -Roll of foil tape included. Construction: -Construction: Recyclable aluminum. Dimensions: -20'' H x 10'' W x 10'' D, 2.7 lbs.

Our Dark House Will be Filled With Light

It looks like it may cost us around $600 to put in the tube light with dimmer control in two rooms -- Living room and office; and an additional $600 if we also put them in the dining area as well as the spare bedroom.

Putting in these skylight kits would definitely make our dark house filled with light -- something we would love to accomplish!





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